3 div container rotating ontop of video in background

This might maybe require javascript if its easier:
I dont really know what to call this so I cant really type it into google search to get what I am looking for, so therefor want to describe it and
maybe one of you amazing people could help me out with this…

So I got the permission to use part of this youtube video on my website i am building for school project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbTc…annel=Kaveedul

I know how to insert the video, I only gonna cut it and play it in slow speed for 20 second, it will keep auto-playing.
Ontop of the video, I want 3 div container with action buttons and that rotates slowly with the video in the background.
It should keep autoplay without stopping. Each div container shows onscreen for 7 seconds or so before it decided to go hidden and show the next div container.

I have attached image where I have designed in adobeXD of what I want to achieve.

What do you call this feature/function and does anyone know any examples I can look at?

is it easier making it with javascript? or possible with css/html only?

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