3 dots below a letter

Why this is happening?
Everytime I am trying to type in the code word “lenght” , the " L " letter gets 3 dots below it and because of this my code doesen’t work.
*3 dots are not apearing only if I copy paste the code from a source

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// Setup
let lastNameLength = 0;
const lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line
lastNameLength = lastName.lenght;

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Challenge: Find the Length of a String

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That is not a valid property name. Look closely at the instructions. You have a typo.

it should be “length” , how I didn’t saw that.
Thank you very much! Next time I will be more carefull.

Attention to detail while programming is a must. JavaScript is case-sensitive which makes paying attention to the exact case of something you write can be the difference between something working or failing.

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