3 Errors in Microservices Projects

Hi! im trying to do the Microservices Projects.My idea was use the code of the version of projects made by Florin Pop,run without errors and after that,make my own version.

But i have some errors.He made the programs on Glitch web meanwhile im trying to run it on Replit,so maybe the errors are related with that.
Header Parser and File Metadata works fine.


Timestamp : If i click on the 2015 button ( [project url]/api/2015-12-25 ) ,i get “Cannot GET /api/2015-12-25”.

URL Shortener : I cannot run it,it says “npm run dev
npm ERR! missing script: dev”.

Exercise Tracker : if i put whatever value on username ( create a new user ) ,it says " not found ".Also happens with “add new exercises”.



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