$3/month donation option suddenly not available?


I started using freecodecamp.org this weekend, and when I got to the challenge that asks you to donate monthly, I saw an option for $3/month. I had to wait for my billing cycle to restart before I could charge my credit card, so I waited until today. However, now when I go to the donation page, the lowest amount available is $5/month. While I would like to donate more in the future, I am currently a student and am writing to ask how I can re-access the page that has the $3/month option. It’s the option I would have clicked if I didn’t have to wait for my billing cycle to restart.

Thank you.

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Looks like it’s been changed to a minimum of $5 per month. I even checked @QuincyLarson’s emails and they link to the same donation page which only offers $5 and up.

It would be nice to offer both a custom button to choose your own amount and also a one-time donation button.

It’s possible that, if freeCodeCamp has to pay a flat rate per transaction plus a percentage, a donation less than $5 actually loses them money.

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Yes - this is exactly the case. With a $3 donations, nearly a quarter of the donation goes just to pay the credit card fees associated with the donation. With a $5 donation, it’s a much lower proportion.

I noticed that Twitch, Medium, and a lot of nonprofits seem to use $5 as lowest option, and I suspect this is the main reason why.

@octocat you can make your donation one-time by donating through PayPal, then canceling the recurrence here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_manage-paylist

We also accept donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Here’s our signed wallet information: https://twitter.com/freeCodeCamp/status/939512108449959936

Thanks again for supporting our nonprofit, and please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Have a fun week, and happy coding!

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