3 more HTML Inspector Warnings I don't understand

  • The ‘action’ attribute is required for <form> elements.
  • The ‘cols’ attribute is required for <textarea> elements.
  • The ‘rows’ attribute is required for <textarea> elements.

I can’t seem to figure this out quite yet. I still have a long way to go to make this code feel like my own, but these errors are stumping me.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to my Survey Form

It sounds like you need to put an ‘action’ attribute on one of your html form elements…same with cols and rows to specify column and row sizes. You might already understand that and if so I’m sorry. I looked at your code but I’m not familiar enough with forms to be able to tell you. I didn’t see a challenge or anything either so I couldn’t tell if you were getting these messages from something checking your code or not. I opened up the console but only had a message about cookies–no errors or other text.

Your layout and form look great though if it is any consolation :innocent:

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The Codepen validator, unfortunately, isn’t the best. I believe it is still based on the old HTML Inspector. Not sure why it has not been updated to a more up-to-date validator.

All three warnings are part of HTML 4 validation. You would not see them if validating the document as HTML 5. It’s still better than nothing but you should really use one of the online validators like the w3 validator to get a more current result.

BTW, you still have the same CSS error on the margin for .form-group, the top margin is missing the unit.

.form-group {
  margin: 2 auto 1.25rem auto;
  padding: 0.25rem;
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@nblack4 and @lasjorg, Sigh, I used the W3 Validator you linked and now there are over 10 errors. Appreciate the feedback but this should take awhile.

However, I did fix the missing unit in my .form-group