#3 - Product Page - Seeking Feedback. :D

Greetings, fCC Community!

The following link will take you to my 3rd project (product landing page): https://codepen.io/terrencemm2/full/XPprNq/

I spent about 8 hours working on this project. Again, just trying to meet the basic requirements and make sure it looks presentable. Also, I realize that the iPad (tablet) view still needs a bit of work, however, any and all constructive feedback is sincerely appreciated.

Here are my other projects:
1. Project #1 - Tribute Page
2. Project #2 - Survey Form

Thanks so much and take care! :wave:

Looks great :sparkles:

As a bonus, double check what happens to the nav bar on narrow/mobile view.

Note if you want feedback for your other projects, I would create separate posts.

Thanks, @JohnnyBizzel. I took another look at it; currently, in a mobile phone view, the nav bar should be hidden and the logo centered. Please feel free to let me know if I am missing something else.

I appreciate your feedback. Take care!

Better but there is still a point when you narrow the browser when the navigation moves to hover over the photo.

You could fix this with a media query in your CSS

Hey, @JohnnyBizzel,

I see what you’re saying now. I was using Chrome’s DevTools to view the page per device (iPad, iPhone, Pixel, etc.). It was only when I started to manually adjust the window that I saw what you meant. I did make a quick, down-and-dirty edit to adjust.

Thanks for analyzing it. Take care!

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