30stm Tribute page, what do you think?

I would really appreciate some feedback. Wont be offended by any criticism, please tell me all that is wrong with it.
30stm Tribute page

looks really good i like ur read more button

Your link doesn’t work anymore.

This one works: https://codepen.io/evilhaxor/pen/PooBRgp

I like your site, great work!

Some ideas:

  • the lines are very long, makes it hard to read for me
  • there’s no visual code that I can click the Read more link before hovering it

It looks very nice! I like the overall layout of the design and the color scheme, generally pleasing to look at.

The text color is a little bit too dark against that color background I believe, there is not enough of a contrast of light gray against dark gray especially with a thin font.

I would also center the subtitle “follow your dreams”, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not that it’s aligned left.