31, 0 coding XP, just got a Dev Job!

Thank you Free Code Camp and the community for helping me along the way. 15 months ago, i didn’t know what a div was, and today I was offered a full time front end dev job at San Francisco! Lots of work ahead of me, but good god, can’t be happier. It has been incredibly difficult to get here, but I did! Thank you FCC!

Ask any questions you want of me!


I would love to hear more of your story… give some newbies like me some inspiration… why you went I to coding? What was your previous employment?

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Hey Docwali,

I got into coding because I wanted to create things. I wanted a job that let me solve puzzles on my own. It is a pretty introverted/quiet job. I was previously working in higher ed as an advisor (I have an MA in college counseling) to students and that required a lot of triage, response to problems, and communication with others who needed help. While it was satisfying to aide students sometimes, it drained me considerably in a strange way. I am incredibly introverted! Coding seemed do-able (so many resources to learn), paid well, introverted, interesting, and most of all fun! Building out projects was cool. The problem solving (while frustrating at times) was satisfying!


Thanks for sharing your story— did you complete all the parts of FCC?

I get inspired when I hear someone from FCC advance in a career!

What advice would you give a newbie??