36 yo career change corporate or start up?

Ive been planning to switch career from a sales man to web developer. Im just worried if corporate or start up is choosy about age. What langauge should i push through. Base on the job market in our country its react 1455 and .net 2581 while nodejs 437.

Ps im in a country that age really matters even if they deny it lol

if you are interested in web development, JavaScript is a must, the first three freeCodeCamp certificates will walk you through HTML/CSS, JavaScript and a few front-end libraries and frameworks, including React, so if you don’t know where to start, that could be where. After knowing JavScript, NodeJS is not much of a stretch.

If you want to learn .NET instead, the freeCodeCamp youtube channell has some courses on that: https://www.youtube.com/c/Freecodecamp/search?query=net

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I can’t speak for your country, but I just hired a mid-30s career changing developer, so it is possible in some places.

Different companies have different needs - so if you cast your net wide enough you should be able to find something.

Agreed, have to get an introduction to html/css/javascript before learning anything else. Maybe hold off on react as a beginner till you know the basics. .NET is ok, but again I’d wait to learn it till after getting a foundation in html/js.

Regarding corporate/startup and age. Maybe I’m a pragmatist, but what matters is can you ship and work well with others. The challenge between corporate/startup will come down to your first job. You will need a support-system at the company. I’d say most corporate companies unless they have a system in place, you will struggle. And I’ve heard terrible stories from mentees that got their first job and were fired 3 months later once the company realized they couldn’t support the individual. The upside to startups (which depending on how you define startup) they can be smaller and there might be senior engineer or two looking to mentor a new developer. So the strategy is to find an organization that has mentoring in place and it could be a corp/startup just depends.

@mgan59 @JacksonBates @ieahleen thanks for the response. I already know some js, html and css i was just asking for guidance with the frameworks. I want to be realistic and practical since idk if i will be jobless even if i study all these stuff. So start up is going to be more practical as your first job? I feel like i will be overwhelmed how complex corporate projects but im also worried that react jobs are too saturated thats why ive been thinking of .net.

There’s plenty of .Net work here in Australia (Melbourne).

Pay attention to the job adverts in your area and track what seems to be marketable. Look closely at who seems to be hiring for entry level devs too - maybe there’s plenty of .net but none that hire juniors, while there might be fewer Rails, but more likely to hire (these are just examples, you need to do the local research).

Thanks for tip. Just searched junior programmer majority of them are php, java and .net.