3d Calculator Project

Here the Calculator I built for the front end certification. It passes all tests locally I just momentarily removed the tests as it was messing with my styles. Please let me know what you think! I got a little carried away and built 3d styling.


Not sure how/why the tests, which is just JS, would interfere with styling.

Some things I noted;

  1. A valid expression like 5 * - 5 give “Invalid Expression” even though it’s perfectly valid
  2. Same with 25 - 10 x 2 result incorrectly says “Invalid Expression”

hey I really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:
I added the tests back and they seem to work without issue, and I also fixed the error you mentioned. It was a validation error on my part. Thanks again for your feedback it means a lot and I would love any further recommendations.

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