3rd Survey Form

Hi guys! this is the 3rd survey form I make


I have experimented with multiple things on this one:

  1. :hover and :focus states
  2. flexbox
  3. animations
  4. comments and cleanliness of the code
  5. media query (I think there must be an easier way to do what I have done, but still need to learn a lot about this)

I am pretty happy with the functionality of the page, I think the design could be improved (I don’t think I am really good at the design part).

Also, the central blue container of the box, seems to be slightly offset to one side, and I’d like it to be perfectly centered, but I just can’t get it right. Any help on that?

Any other feedback is appreciated!

Thank you!

hello! i’m not a web dev so i’m just looking at it from a purely user perspective, but i noticed some things.

  1. on the age section, it allowed me to type the letter e. i’m assuming you wanted it to be limited to numbers only, so i figured i’d let you know
    2: i like how the background is an ombre from light on the left side to dark on the right side. i also like the contrast of the red submit button on the blue form

the functionality is great! my opinion on the design is, although it’s simple, it looks clean and professional. it’s definitely better than others that have every line in a different font and 278 things bouncing or spinning.

i like the form a lot. you did great! : )
if you want a way to validate your code, check out this validator

Hi. I’m not much of a web developer either but I can see the same issues as @ecouch23 .
The Functionality of the website is great. But I feel as if the purpose of it is missing. I understand the concept of not smoking, but I feel like you should add something on the webpage that shows a purpose, like giving a link to sites that give tips on how to stop smoking. Such as https://smokefree.gov/quit-smoking/getting-started/steps-to-manage-quit-day
Other than that it’s pretty good from a user’s point of view. :grinning:

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@ecouch23 Thank you for the feedback.
Yes I am not sure if it is normal to be able to type in letters in the age section, but I don’t really know how to fix that. So hopefully someone more experienced can help me out with that.

Thank you for the encouraging words :slight_smile:

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@SarahYT Thank you for the feedback and the encouraging words :slight_smile:

If you hover on the words in the header NHS on the left and #quitsmoking on the right, they will change color and the cursor becomes a pointer, that is because they are links to the NHS website with tips to help quit smoking.

But the purpose of the page is to be a Survey Form so I didn’t want to put too much emphasis on the links that’s why they are kind of “hidden” and difficult to spot, maybe I could make that a little more obvious

@ecouch23 also, try hovering over the SUBMIT button for a cool effect! :smiley:

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oh, that’s neat. i’ve never seen that before on a survey form, but i like it. nice touch : )

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