3rd web challenge - Product Landing page - feedback please

Hi all!

I’ve just completed the Product Landing page challenge. Can someone offer some feedback please?


Thanks in advance!


Very nice job in general, I enjoyed viewing your product page, but you might want to make a couple of changes some places to ensure a great quality product landing page.


You did a nice job introducing your company but a hero section or showcase would look even better.

Newsletter Form

Just adding some styling to that news letter form would have enriched your website even better.


You have a very nice navbar, but you are missing one design fundamental which is to adding equal padding on the top and bottom of an element. So look at the padding once more


Very nice job and a great start. I really enjoy how you took the focus through the website.

I updated my product landing page if you would like to take a look and offer feedback.

I checked your link to codepen but I don’t see any changes. Do you have a new link by any chance?

It’s the same link. I just updated a couple of areas. I added the images at the top, tweaked the form area, fixed the nav links so they are linked to the right place.

What I would suggest would be fixing the navbar to have equal padding on the top and bottom of the link and also the form on the bottom. For example:

input {
   width: 100%;
   display: block;
   padding: 0.83rem 1rem;
   margin: 0.2rem; /* Margin on all sides */

* {
    box-sizing: border-box; /* Important for the form styling */