4/5 RWD Projects, done w/ Atom/WSL2/CLI/Vim/FCC, pls review

This was an exciting ride!
A couple of days after I finished Legacy RWD, I saw an announcement on Twitter that the new RWD is up, so I went back and started all over. And it was worth it! Still not finished, but I would like to hear your opinions on published projects.
All projects are firstly done in fCC editor and later ‘upgraded’ in Atom where I had a better view of html and css.
To add some challenge to my learning, I created a GitHub profile and uploaded projects from WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) using the command-line interface. For one part I even typed some text in Vim, but I decided to postpone learning it for my journey down the road. All projects are live and can be found on my GitHub and on following links:

Survey form
Charles Severance Tribute Page
Vim text editor Technical Documentation Page
root Donation Product Landing Page

Reading forum posts helped a lot and engaging with the community helped me even more. Especially with typos in my own code!
I was sometimes drained from looking html/css code and lessons, so I started Java Script and soon get the idea of why the curriculum is constructed to follow from top to bottom. Actually. I first came to FCC to learn python but was too hard for me so I decided to go baby steps.

Hope you like the projects! I’m very proud of them. Still a lot to learn ahead!

Yeah, the new RWD course definitely has a lot of good content not available in the original, worth redoing.

Pages look nice… I would say a little linear though. I actually thought it was a requirement that the technical documentation page have the menu fixed on the left, but yours is a linear item at the top that scrolls with everything else… it works, but design might look better if you utilize embedding section/div/nav and other display elements to get different layout effects rather than just everything lined up vertically.

But keep up the good work. It’s also great that you’re looking into different editing softwares and hosting services rather than just churning through the course work. The more you learn the better:)

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Thank you for your opinion. I put the HTML and CSS code back in editor to check if the menu is to be fixed as requirement and it is not. I do have some trouble putting that all together and having it all functional was my primary goal. Definitely need to do more work and learn. Thank you again for input :slight_smile:

Designing it all together is my weakest point. So many options and possibilities that I ended up starting some projects again from scratch. CSS is a bit frightening so I try to keep it simple and I also like minimalist/simple-looking web pages. So my personal preference is applied to these projects.

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