45,000/year job thanks to FCC and this is story

I would say that this path to becoming a web developer has been tough for me. Not, because I’m unable. Maybe because my age, my kids, and my geographic location. But, I got an offer letter which I accepted earlier this month. I wanted to tell you about the path it took me. My first real stab at ‘really’ learning web development started here:

I learned so much. I was able to apply what I learned, really think it had the biggest impact it had for me. However; after some of the way through there was one lesson in particular which I had to reverse a string without the reverse method. I couldn’t see it. I refused to goto the solution video. I spent 2 days on that and gave up for about 8 months. I retook it again and smashed through it. I don’t know what was different but it didn’t take me that long to do everything.

So I won a bid on a full stack javascript app called GiftCashing around the same time I learned about FreeCodeCamp. So I was able to finish that project which was tough. Creating filters, dealing with timestamps. Emails, cronjobs. It was a real challenge. So I started to speed through a lot of these waypoints on FCC to really, really solidify my knowledge with JavaScript. The most important part for me was, I think, the projects. I had all the tools and because of FCC, I built the confidence. I’ve yet to do the backend for FCC yet but other good resources for me was this because while it was a simple and quick course, I got introduced to new jquery methods, and learned about SPAs. I really think for anyone who has done colts course should take this:

So. my $45,000 offer. Why so low? Why am I excited about it? Well, it’s been almost two years for me to get here. Could I have gotten a better job, somewhere else with more pay? Yes, I’m sure I can. However; I work remote 2 days a week, and travel to work in the office 3 days a week. Travel? Yes. Do you remember I said my geographic location. I work Monday, and Tuesday from home. Wednesday, I goto work at 2:30am and I am in the office by 8am to start my day. I than get a hotel for 2 nights and drive home Friday after work. CRAZY RIGHT? It’s because of my location that I got a “lower paying” but it’s really not that bad. It’s about in the range for the area for a frontend developer.

So what’s next for me? Well, I just sold an iOS and Android app for $8,000 so I am learning react native in my spare time. Maybe next year, I will have a salary in the 80k dollar range. :slight_smile:


This…is…AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing. and congrats!!!


Wow congratulations! Can you expand on your iOS & Android app that you sold? did you think of it and build it yourself then find someone to buy it? Or were you contracted?

Very impressive.

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congrats man! Sounds like you have a plan and are executing it!


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What’s the URL for the salary range tool?


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Sure. So this was actually through a designer. We started talking, and he gave me a project. Lesson here is make friends with designers! They, also freelance. You want THEM to remember you for projects. :slight_smile:


That was indeed.com :slight_smile:

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This is awesome!!! What did you use for the ios app?

I enjoyed reading your story, it makes me more motivated to keep learning so I can get employed too!

Hey, thanks for sharing. I have a few questions for you if you don’t mind!

Are you saying you developed that giftcashing app from scratch? Where did you win the bid from and how much were you paid for it? Finally, how long after you began your whole programming journey did you have the skills necessary to complete it?


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Wow, your story is definitely inspiring to read. Good luck on your job.

Thanks for posting this for reassurance as I too am taking Colt’s course in addition to FCC. I will look at the other also. I keep questioning myself so hooray for you!!

totally friggin awesome!! so happy you made this happen for yourself (thank you FCC for putting this tool for here to use in the first place) Thank you!

Congratulations, thanks for providing inspiration for the rest of us out here :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing my friend, congrats to you! And hopefully it happens to me soon…

Thanks for sharing story this encourages me a lot :smile:

Bug fixes and several improvements.

So glad I found this post. Im a stay at home dad and have just started the web developer bootcamp. Its great seeing where you went with it from there. Am now happily following.

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So it’s been almost a year: Do you feel as though you’ve grown with this job? And I don’t mean within the job necessarily; I also mean with your skills, other languages you’ve learned, things like that (though, please include any professional growth too)? Or have you gotten another one, maybe with a larger salary like you hoped to get? Any other amazing app sales win?

Any updates would be cool!

Congratulations as well :slight_smile:

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