$45 for Life Time Access at Sitepoint Premium from Groupon

HI Everybody,

I just want to share a deal from Groupon, only $45 for web development life time access at Sitepoint Premium. Please enjoy! Let me know if I helped you!


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Any idea how long this deal lasts? I didn’t see anything on the page regarding that

Hi! Sorry, I didn’t see a date either on when this deal ends. But I know its a limited time.

Sounds like a great deal, but has anyone bought it to verify that it works? I currently have a SitePoint Premium membership (effective through August) and although there are plenty of good free resources, IMO it’s definitely worth $45 for a lifetime membership. Maybe not the best content for absolute beginners, especially to programming in general, as the majority of the content is geared more towards working professionals, but there are definite gems that are more approachable, like M. David Green’s Introduction to JavaScript.

Hi! I brought the lifetime membership for $45 and it works! The groupon will redirect you to the SitePoint Premium for lifetime membership because my membership says lifetime access to address your concerns if the link does not work. Thanks for your opinion and review of SitePoiint Premium since I am a first time user.:slight_smile:

Hi, How about this $45 is lifetime membership fee is an only one-time fee or yearly $45? I’m confuse! anyone has an idea.

HI! It is only a one time $45 payment and then you will get life time access to sitepoint premium forever.

Thanks, @rabbit493 for making it clear. Appreciated. :+1:

Just wanted to let everyone know that this $45 deal is not only still active, but it can now be reduced by 50% more with Groupon promo code 50EXTRA which takes it all the way down to $22.50, good through tomorrow 7/17!

Glad I didn’t buy mine earlier, as I wanted to wait longer until my 1-year trial was closer to expiring (which is now just a few weeks away), but I just bought mine and verified that it worked with my existing SitePoint account.

$22.50 for a SitePoint Premium lifetime membership is practically a steal, folks—I know there are tons of good free resources on the Internet, and it can often be hard to justify paying any money for online courses in this day and age when so much can be found for free, but anyone serious about Web development (or other development) should definitely go for this. $22.50 is an extremely reasonable price for what SitePoint offers for lifetime access! And their content is really good and targeted more for professional developers than most other online course platforms, and is actually on par with Lynda as far as I’m concerned.

Btw, no I’m not affiliated with SitePoint, just a really satisfied customer. :wink:

Also, if anyone needs any pointers on which SitePoint courses to start with, I recommend M. David Green’s Introduction to JavaScript and JavaScript: Next Steps.

50EXTRA code doesn’t work.

Well it just worked for me, not sure why it wouldn’t work for anyone else unless maybe it’s US-only or something. $45 is still a really good deal though if that code doesn’t work for anyone, but that 50% off just makes it even better.

US here. I just joined a few minutes ago, maybe this deal is only for current members or subscribers who got the email offer.

Got a 25% discount more using “WELCOME” code.