4th year grad student needed advice on direction

Hello, I’ve been learning programming and I know python okayish , and I’ve made a project with a little help from the internet.
Getting into Maang is my dream but i kinda am confused about what I need to do. I see people getting interviews. I’ve summarized the pathway to learn DSA , CP and make projects , I’m going to go hard in into these two but I know I need to make projects. Will these 3 things be enough? And how do I get interviews or at least some sort of shortlist I can’t seem to find any information on it? And any advice of any sort would be hugely appreciated because I’m not a god tier programmer just trying to learn as best as I can. Much love, <3

Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google are all going to be highly competitive companies to apply to but this just means you’ll need to make sure to hone your skills and not shy away from hard work!

To help with the confusion, I would ask yourself:

  • What role are you interested in? Having a couple roles in mind will help you see how others got to that same role, which along with checking the job requirements in the listing can help you figure out what these employers are looking for.
  • What do you need to be happy in a job? You might think about the work-life balance, company culture, if you prefer working from home or in an office, etc.
  • Do you have any skills, hard or soft, that you need to work on?

You may want to read or listen to Quincy Larson’s book How To Learn To Code & Get a Developer Job. It is free and a nice listen to help think over some of these if you aren’t sure where to start.

To get an interview, you will need to apply; many companies will have a careers or jobs page (Google’s for example). Some companies will simply have you submit a resume via email, others first require you create a profile and apply on their job board, and some even have integration with LinkedIn to make submitting your resume be as easy as one click.

Just a note, avoid anyone saying they can get you on a “short list” for a fee. These will sound really tempting when you are staring at rejection letters, but it is important to know these are scams. There is no real shortcut for these jobs besides hard work, preparing your best you, and a little networking. Let me know if you have any questions!


AI is a great helper, I wish I had it earlier.

Ask ChatGPT or another LLM to create a technical interview with 10 popular questions plus either a coding challenge or a Leetcode style challenge. In the language and role you are aiming for, like data science/Phyton or web developer/React.

You will learn a lot in a short time when researching the answers and the solution for the challenge, also prepare you for interviews in general. You will be used to them by the time the first real interview is scheduled.

You got this, tech/ development is a rewarding field and worth the struggle to break into it.

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