5 topics I'm considering for my blog/website, a little help?

Hi all,

So I’ve been one of the fortunate few self-taught web developers that went from nearly no experience to finally getting to the point where I can have pretty stable employment with a decent salary.

I’ve been working on a website in my spare time to help people who are either newbie programmers get better, or get better jobs. I really want to make some awesome free resources available from someone who’s been there to help guide others.

I’m working on a free guide/tutorial…but before I dive in and create this bad boy, I could use a little help.

Which of the following guides would you read? Also, if none of those prove interesting, what guide would you want to see me write? (Please feel free to reply with any extra comments to explain your reasoning. The more detail there is, the easier it will be to create a guide that’s more interesting to you)

Pick the topic that you would want to read about the most:

  • How To Work with Git When You’re a New Developer on a Team (Help new developers work with git in teams)
  • How To Make a Great Coding Sample That Will Get You Hired (Help new developers make a great coding sample so they can get that dream job!)
  • Gentle Guide to a Vim and Tmux workflow for Newbies (This guide would help newbies “code faster” by not using the mouse)
  • A Roadmap for New Rails Developers Trying To Move From Junior to Mid-Level (A gentle guide to help new Ruby on Rails Developers level-up to “mid-level")
  • Learning Elixir for Rubyists (Help “Ruby programmers” transition to become “Elixir programmers")

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Hi, well Im not quite a newbie but I could make a use on How to learn Ruby from scratch and if you can write it very clear and concise that would be useful to many. Im from Serbia, working as C# developer and also writing articles for IT magazine here. So, based on my experience in writing reader wants to grasp what is written in “one go” if it’s possible, but it has to be concise and practical (not to go too much wide like “From the begging of time…” and such stuff. Of course, it is not easy to write real good tutorial for all levels so just focus on term - explanation - working snippet. If someone have troubles understanding, like here provide him feedback through Ask a question or such. Since you work professionally you know that interactive learning is the best way. Anyway, I have years in business but I am beginner in Ruby on Rails. I would like to read a good beginner tutorial on this language and of course a roadmap would be nice.

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Thanks @mirkoacimovic, out of curiousity - have you read other Ruby books out there such as “The Well Grounded Rubyist”, or are you saying since you’re a programmer already you don’t need a big book of basics but more of a “roadmap” and a quick pdf guide or sufficiently dense blog post to get you ramped up on what you need to know coming from a programming background?