5. When I click a .nav-link button in the nav element, I am taken to the corresponding section of the landing page.'

Hi there,

i have read many solution and sorry i dont see my error, can someone help and let me know what is exactly my problem?

Here is my pen:

Your href values need to correspond to the id values of the sections on the page they link to.

For example, you have this for the price link:

<a href="#price-link" class="nav-link">Price</a>

And this id for the section:

<section id="pricing">

In that case, the href value should be #pricing

<a href="#pricing" class="nav-link">Price</a>

<section id="pricing">

  1. Trying moving the id="video" to the iframe element. Also, <nav> is not the correct element to use as a container for the video. Use a section or a div, give it a class and move the styles from the nav#video selector to that class.

  2. The id value on the submit should be lowercase.

  3. The input of type email should have a name attribute (e.g. name="email")

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you must connect your anchor tags to your section tags meaning:

<a href="#toSection"> go to section</a>
<section id="#toSection">
the stuff in between

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Thank you so much, my problem its been solved, took me a while since im a bigginer but i got it right away…