504 Error on the main site with Chrome

Hey folks,

I keep getting a 504 error when I try going to freecodecamp’s main site through Chrome. It seems to be fine on Firefox, I can go to the site and login and stuff. But Chrome keeps timing out. I didn’t see any posts regarding this, sorry if this is a dupe.

Same here, it’s been doing this since yesterday to me. I know it will probably pass but I really want to get back to my classes :confused:

This error has been reported by the server when receiving a response packet from a timeout server. You try to configure nginx and php-fpm properly:
Fix the php-fpm configuration file

If’ I’m not mistaken there’s a domain switching going on.
Instead of freecodecamp.com try visit:

and see if it works :slight_smile:

Yup, FreeCodeCamp.org seemed to have worked! Thanks :smiley: I wasn’t having the problem on my laptop so I’ve been using it since I had this problem. Now it works on my desktop!