5x4x3x2x1 = 1x2x3x4x5 Pals

Palindrome Checker"
Have any of y’all built the palindrome checker i see in the project list?
If you have i thought you might enjoy this. I published it a couple of years ago

On page 26 of “Creations 2015” by Ada Writers

When the exclamation mark is used as a mathematical symbol it is termed a factorial. In the case of factorial five it may be written as: 5x4x3x2x1. Which while we are on the subject is equal to 1x2x3x4x5. Therefore may be written as 5x4x3x2x1 = 1x2x3x4x5. T he factorials are numerical palindromes. And fCC , i know i don’t necessarily need to tell y’all this. I thought there might be someone sometime to pick up the book and not know what a palindrome is . This is the rest of the piece.
"A palindrome is a word or phrase with the same letters or numbers, either or both, backward as forward regardless of case or punctuation. Such as “Madam i’m Adam”, or “Murder for a jar of red rum”, or my personal favorite. The one about Napoleon. “Able was i ere i saw Elba”. Not that i don’t love “Mom” and “Dad” and “Bob” and "Anna " and "Madam in Eden i’m Adam “. Rather it’s that when it comes to the palindromes i find it a little hard to beat the one with the history lesson. Unless of course it is by the factorials”. Ozzy loves Y’all.

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