6 hours of work

Hey guys,

Finally, I finished my first Product Landing Page. :smiley:
What do you think?
There is something worth to modify or something?

[Landing Page] https://codepen.io/atimiller/pen/zQXOyN

Thank you!

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Very nice work.

Some simple graphic comments:

Your top bar gets lost in the white in your background image and the gradient at the top of your page. You are already using a shadow element below. Perhaps add some more padding to the ends and give it a slight shadow? It is your design, but the bar does get lost up there.

The way you used the icons is great. I feel like their spacing is not even with the right side of your page.

The font looks extra round when it is bold. I don’t think it works well with your content when in bold. Just my opinion but it feels too soft.

Anyway, this is a fantastic page. You should be proud of what you accomplished.

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Very cool, but something is very wrong with the pixel sections, the text is barely visible over the background picture.

Thank you so much, for your advice Prideth :slight_smile: I made some changes, to have even a better outlook of the website.

Thank youjugges for heads up :slight_smile: I made some changes to have a better visibility on the pixel section.