6 startups 🚀 in 12 months ⏰

Hi FreeCodeCampers,

I decided to share my goal for next year :dart:
I’m planning to build 6 startups during the next 11 month (because I’m already building 1 last month).

I am not the person who only loves programming :computer: because of writing code and doing it better and better with more and more fancy and trendy technologies and tools.
Also, I don’t consider myself a great programmer, but I can solve problems and have the skill to learn new things extremly fast :running_man:‍♂.

Beside of that, I always wanted to be inventor, to create or build something that will be the product and people will use it (for fun, for work, to automate things, or to make their life easier). Because of that, for me, programming always was just a tool to build a product (without any VCs :money_with_wings:).

During the Crypto boom, I was trying to build a company Ushba, but it has failed, Fortunately :tada: :smile:
Currently, I have really great work, but I finally decided, that I need to build products, fail fast or see some result and feedback immediately.

I decided to share my story :memo: with you to give me some feedback from your experience, or maybe you would like to know more about products, which I’m planning to build.

I hope it will be an interesting journey and one day I’ll be able to leave a full-time :clock6: job and work full-time on my very own products :package:

Spoiler Alert :rotating_light:

My first product, which I’m going to launch (July 15) will be kind of a social network :family_man_woman_girl_boy:, where you can register, invite friends, answer daily, weekly, monthly questions and get PointZ. Also, you can play the weekly lottery :game_die:, follow people on Instagram and claim PointZ also for that (that’s an MVP).
What you can do with PointZ, right? You can redeem gadgets like iPhone, Apple watches, laptops and more… coupons :tickets:, gift cards :ticket: and etc.

So let’s see how’s gonna work.

Any feedback? I love feedbacks.

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Nice ambitions! never heard anyone that is trying to pull off 6 startups in a year, usually one makes their hands full.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Good luck for your challenge. Don’t know if you know about it but indiehackers.com might be a helpful community for you.

Damn you seem highly, highly productive. Is your brain for sale?