7px means 7deg?

I try to play with it and looks similar size. When set it in 10px that looks same as transform: skewX(10deg); for example. Try to research about it but found nothing.

Any idea? Thanks.

Not n expert but deg measures the rotation whereby px measures the size, I believe. and maybe it works because both values displace the content equally. As long as it works they are good but one of them might work differently when you try to mix it with other items/ contents. Haven’t tried though!!

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7px and 7deg have the effect because of SkewX. By skewX you simply translate an object on the x axis.



It shouldn’t work at all. Can we see a snippet of the code you’re using?

I’ve made an example on CodeSandbox to illustrate the difference between using degrees and pixels.

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I hope it helps.

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