#8,#9,#10,#11 of the survey form-please help

Hello everyone,
I have failed to achieve the tasks described above . i have tried looking through almost all the previous assistance that is related to the same issue but i can not seem to see my faults.
Kindly requesting you may help me check through.
i have not yet applied any CSS because i wanted to first finish the major issues.
Thank you in advance.

here is my link: https://codepen.io/Cynthia7/pen/PoPVjBL

Hey, I see a few things.

Error #8: Line 19: The input type is currently ‘number-label’, but it should just be ‘number’.
Error #10: Line 18: the label ID should then be ‘number-label’ instead of ‘number’.
Error #11: I think you should add spaces between setting the HTML attributes. You see between the max, placeholder and required attributes there are currently no spaces.
Error #9 should be fixed if the above is all working.

yeeyyy… :dancer: :dancer: all good…
thank you

As a helpful hint, don’t use <br> to force line breaks or spacing. Use CSS.
Remember, an id must be unique w/in the document.