9 Projects Feedback before Claiming the Frontend Certificate

Thanks for having a look and the feedback :).

I started FCC challenges and projects in March using other extra resources in the meantime.
When I look at some projects from this list they took a week to complete while others were having more iterations and, looking at the calendar, they finally took me more time. I think this is not precisely measurable now because working on them I was also doing other stuff. Some of them are on git so you can see the history there if interested.

Talking about extra resources, I mostly came back to lynda, documentations and youtube tutotrials (like DevTips).
If you look for more extra resources, you may have a look at this list https://medium.com/@thedoer/learn-to-code-and-design-online-5501f0515ac9#.r8yjtum28 Whenever I find something useful, I add it there and the article gets updated.