98% Done my personal website! What do you guys think?

Hello People!

After 4 months of coding, crying, and three drafts later, I can’t believe I’m almost done this project. At the beginning i was intimidated and had no idea where to begin. I remember at first being frustrated because most of the stuff wasn’t taught to us by the previous tutorials. I couple of times I almost completely gave up. But after talking to a couple of fellow campers and seeing what they did and following their advice, I’m here today showing off my almost finished product!

So before you take a look there’s a couple of final things I’m working on fixing/implementing:

  • When you click an element on the nav bar, sometimes a part of the web page flashes for a split second. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  • Add a description when you hover over a project.

So here it is My Website!. Any critical feedback, comments and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in Advance!


I’m on mobile so I won’t try to get into the implementation details of your second point, but I had a similar issue when animating my portfolio. Adding -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d; to the offending element helped resolve the issue. I haven’t looked at your code, so we might not have had the same problem, but try putting it in the element that blinks and see if it goes after this fix.

The site still looks very nice in its present state and I hope you can get your final draft out soon!

The site looks great! Your post is really inspiring, I’m about to start on my portfolio and I’m feeling intimidated and unprepared, but your post made me feel better about starting!

Hmm thanks for the feedback @imtoobose! So do i apply that line to the id of the section I’m scrolling too?

Thanks @runsf! The hardest part is the beginning and getting over that initial barrier, but when you start to solve every little problem and see the finished product, it’s an amazing feeling!

I managed to recreate the problem actually, and I don’t think it’s the same issue. The navbar is really buggy for me actually, I get flashes of a section and get forced back to the previous one repeatedly. Note that I’m on mobile, so that might be part of the issue.

I’ll look into the code and see if I can help when I’m on my laptop. Sorry that I couldn’t help.

It’s all good @imtooboose thanks for your help though :slight_smile:

Lookin’ good! Glad to hear you didn’t give up.

Btw, you’re not too far, you might consider going to a Toronto Coffee n’ Code event one day. There’s some great people there that will be happy to help you and motivate you along the way. I had the pleasure of attending twice while I was in Canada last month and I’m glad I went. Check it out if you can.

Thanks @GitCoderr! And i went to a Coffee n Code event near my area and it was great! But i should also go to the Toronto one, thanks for the suggestion :+1:

Hey! Your project is awesome. I love that smooth scroll when you click on a link and it takes you there! I am thinking of incorporating that into my own portfolio.

By the way though. The link to your previous project (the Tribute Page) seems to be dead. Is that deliberate?

Cool website. My friend will give you a call in two hours

Thanks @ZeroXLR, i’ve seen the smooth scrolling on many other portfolio’s here and decided to use it myself. Makes your page run pretty slick :+1:

Oh and oops yeah that link was supposed to work, thanks for telling me!

I don’t think you need white borders around your projects image. Besides that I think it’s great. I love Nujabes too :smiley:

Its good to see your work, I suggest you to look for the
"Contact" portion of websites, so that you refine your contact section.



Your website looks great! I am agonising over my own at the moment. Regarding the smooth scroll flash, I found out that if you add “return false” to the click handler it solves the problem. The conflict is the browser and then jQuery both jumping to the anchor.

Hope that helps!