<a > </a> was moved

I removed from around the words Click here.
I placed the
around the words information about batteries with closing tag. The program is not passing to the next lesson.

here is my code
Click here <a href=""information about batteries>

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Hi Ella,

If you just look at how the code initially underlines “Click here”

<a href="">Click here</a> for information about batteries

See how the text itself is between two anchor (<a>some words here</a>) tags?

Thus the challenge is asking you to make the phrase “information about batteries” clickable instead of the initial “Click here”. So you have to keep the format, but change the words which are between the two anchor tags.

In the code you pasted it the phrase “information about batteries” is part of the opening anchor tag, it should be placed AFTER the opening anchor tag. Hope that helps! If not just reply here and I will discuss it further with you.

The assignment wants you to move from around (Click here) and add tags around information about batteries. I understand the assignment. The program is not passing me to the next lesson.

What does the output window say? Or which of the three tests are you not passing? If you could perhaps provide me with your code I can see if there is something in there?

Click here for information about batteries.

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You should put your code between either single or triple back-ticks, then it will display as a block of code instead of it actually being interpreted (like what is happening now). Thus
Put you code between these…

Your code above looks like it should pass. Does it look like this when you write it in the challenge?

Click here for <a href="">information about batteries</a>