A blog post about the module pattern


Let me know what you guys think about the post. I tried to stay as brief as possible.

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I canā€™t load your site at all, or this particular blogpost.

Is it especially bloated or or a very new website that might not have had its DNS fully propagated yet?

Thatā€™s strangeā€¦

Iā€™m hosting the blog on Squarespace. However, I just posted the blog post so it may need a minute.

Works fine on mobile over 4gā€¦problem is on my end.

Fine on mobile wireless too. Must be my computer :frowning:

Thatā€™s still not good. Everyone no matter where you are in the world should be able to pull up the site.

If I change the url to httpsā€¦it works, and then after that http works fine - odd.

Anyway - an enjoyable read, thanks :slight_smile: