A Browser with Bluetooth broadcast for Android devices

PIXY - is a multiscreen, multi-device browser that runs on a server and broadcasts rendered webpage view to multiple Android devices via Bluetooth connection.

An NPM module (server) and Android APK (client) were released very recently.

Here’s how it works:

Install NPM module on a Linux system (Windows support is in the works):

npm install pixy-browser

Run pixy with following code

const {PixyServer} = require('pixy-browser');

new PixyServer({
  url: 'http://js2dx.com/pixy.html', // Webpage URL
  devices: 2, // number of Android devices
  height:230, // window.screen.height of the Browser
  width:140 // window.screen.width

Download APK, install and run on Android devices. Select Bluetooth connection, Zoom, and Crop:

The example file renders a webpage 220x130 px. According to settings above, the view will be split between two devices, one showing top half and the other bottom.

PIXY supports basic mark-up. APK is not yet in Google store and is available on project website.

Would appreciate your feedback and test reviews!

Update: Google App Store installation for PiXY is now available! Features updated UI and improved Bluetooth connectivity.!

“PiXY Browser” in App Store.