A bug that skips challenges

im not sure if this bug is everywhere or just in the HTML-CSS course but when i check my code and then click the “go to next challenge” button multiple times it skips over multiple challenges, its exactly the amount of times i click it so it seems like it just needs a limit of sorts if thats possible, its minor but if you dont know why stuff skips and/or you are on a computer that takes longer to load then it can be pretty annoying.

That’s an interesting one, I wonder if that could be fixed by disabling the button after the first click.
I’d have to dig through the files and find the code for it to see if that’s true though.

If you’d like you can open an issue on their Github page:

I’ve been trying to replicate this but so far no luck. Is there anything special you are doing to trigger this? What browser/OS are you using?

i just tried to replicate it too but it appears it doesnt always work, but sometimes it does happen, which basically means its even more of a minor bug now

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