A central board filled with resources

Hello guys! :smiley:

So I made a Trello board with a friend of mine. The end-goal of this board is to list all the resources, most importantly opensource or free that will help people to find the resources they need to learn new languages, frameworks, or new methods to do something. We added categories to organize the different resources, from web deign to game development, security, and useful books are pinned according to their concept as well as if they are related to certain languages.

I will be adding more and more links and try to improve my organizing skills as well (there’s a ton of resources and organizing everything will be a challenge for me! yay sailor). If you find any links, books, resources, websites,blogs, and youtube channels which you think are unique and truely help people learn and accomplish new things and should hold a position in this board, then DM me! :smiley: or you can also contact me on twitter at @buoyantair :wink:

You can find the board here -


love the initiative @udayk8139!

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W3Schools shouldn’t be on the list.Such a shame it always pops up higher than MDN and other authoritative resources when you google something web related.

thank you for sharing!! =)

Thanks, and I should update it >.<