A code example for a react cached code

I would like to give my users the choice to approve / disapprove if my article was helpful by using a like / dislike cached botton. How would I do this ? I am talking about a practical code example ? I am not here to steal anyting, I m just unsure =)

What do you mean by “cached code” or “cached button”?

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a cached botton, a cached code, does’t metter. I just want to be able to count the likes, and dislikes

I mind are bots Ok, I m just looking for a practical example for this ideea, in order to begin with it

Do you mean you want your like/dislike buttons in the application to be connected to something that stores the likes/dislikes for you (ie a database somewhere)?

A cache is just something that stores some values that you want to access quickly in local computer memory, I’m not sure what that or a bot has to do with what you’re saying, though I may be misunderstanding what you want.

Ok, I may have understood something wrong, the cache was’t what I mind. I mind I wanted to count the likes and dislikes on my website by making a dialog, like a question and with answer " of course " that has a like reaction and an answer " not really " that have a dislike reaction . And I wanted to count them… I was talking about a code example to begin with