A confused beginner

Hi all.

Almost done with the Applied Visual Design course and feel that my head boils with information that I don’t know how to use in practice.

Is this normal? Any good advice for the road ahead?


You can start putting things to practice by jumping already to the first project, so you can start applying things and lateralso apply things that appear later in the curriculum, so you start putting things in practice

The trick now is, find places to explore. As you’re wandering about the web, each and every page you view is built of pieces you now can understand (more or less). You can right-click on the page you’re viewing and actually see the code that makes it up.

Sometimes, though, that can get overwhelming. There are often a lot of extra tags or classes or stuff that can get very confusing.

Look at sites that inspire you. For me, one of my favorites is cssZenGarden. The neat thing over there is, the HTML is pretty simple, pretty standard, but there are more than two hundred designs for that same HTML. Simply changing the CSS presents a completely different face.

Follow that link, right click, and “view source”. Start doing that more and more on pages you come across that interest you. Learn by looking, and then take parts and tinker with them on Codepen or repl.it – keep learning!

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Yes, 100% normal. Most everyone feels the same at this point. Don’t stress about it. You will forget some of what you learn and then relearn it better the second time. And remember that no dev memorizes everything. I constantly having to double check things on MDN or in docs.

Don’t sweat it. Just keep learning new things and using them. Try to build things. Learn and build, build and learn.

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Hello and welcome to FCC!

Another suggestion is to peruse help threads here and on stackoverflow (and other places like github). focus on threads that deal with content you have already studied and try to correctly identify the issue posted. This is a great way to test what you have learned at random along with supplementing your knowledge with the final and most lasting form of learning, explaining what you have learned to others. It can also help to boost your confidence and show you places where you may need to reinforce your understanding.

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Thanks everyone. Good to know that I´m not the only one who experiences this.

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yes man i facing the problem but now on i will do as experience coder say.happy to have answers:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: