A different tribute - Josh Homme - Feedback welcome

This is my tribute page for the awesome musician Josh Homme:

Found out about FCC yesterday, and I have to say it’s absolutey awesome! Looking forward to dig deeper day by day!

Happy coding, everyone!

Looking good, I think there’s a missing picture though in the top left of the page. I just see a white box with a border. Otherwise the page looks great.

Hmmm, that’s weird, I can see the picture :scream:

I have a major issue with this portfolio… Where the heck is Them Crooked Vultures in the discography!!!

On a serious note, I like the addition of linking the albums to listen to.

I can only apologize for forgetting Them Crooked Vultures <3
Of course I added them immediately :slight_smile:

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Good stuff :slight_smile:

Only other change I would make is to have it be responsive for mobile users. Other than that, good work!