A discussion about career

Do you think that it is better to specialize in one thing of web like front end and back end or to be a full stack developer!!?
Tell me your opinions ;

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not at the beginning, but specialization is a natural progression once you are working in most cases,


There’s no objectively correct answer here, it depends on what you want to do.

Generalists are very well placed to work in small companies, as they can solve many categories of problem and can become quickly indispensible.

Specialists make sense on larger teams where they can dive deep into very specific problems.

So figure out what you want to be and what kind of company you’d like to work for and you’ll likely find a place that’s does you.


You’ll want familiarity with all levels, then play to your strengths. Mine for example is backend. Go for liberal coverage of all the pertinent parts while you’re learning, then you’ll have a better idea of what you’re good at. This goes for pretty much everything, not just tech careers. Knowledge is power and all that.


i like what you said and can confirm it. Out of what i saw what was usefull there are to sides. You should know a lot of topics at least at a basic level. So it can never be wrong to dive into more than one topic.
But you will find something that is your thing and you should be an expert in that topic. But knowing other topics means that you know how different components work together as one thing. So you know more about the consequenzes of your doing.

At my last company work we had a lot of people who did not know what the other departments do and a lot of trouble because of that circumstance.

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context is important here, but assuming that you’re at FCC because you’re in the early stages of learning or your career, it makes sense to know a little bit of everything. it does not have to be a lot because early on, the job titles available would be like “junior web developer” and in those cases, you’re expected to learn on the job and cursory familiarity with many things will help. you will gravitate towards things you like as you go along.

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