A Euro 2016 team & player card design - feedback?

So I made this for practice. Any comments appreciated!


See the Pen Euro 2016 Team & Player cards by Oli Bullen (@d33con) on CodePen.

Edit: how do I embed the codepen? Codepen embed just gives me text links

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Wow, that’s very cool and i can tell it took some work and effort, well done! Sweet animation and overall design.
The only thing i have to say is that it have some issues in the mobile version:
In the team cards the venues text leaves the rectangle (hope you understand, english isn’t my first language). Also the andy king card is over the vardy’s name text.
Anyway, small details, but i love the result!
PD: your use of JS/jQ in this is genius! i learned a couple of things from it.

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Thanks for your kind words and feedback!

Understood perfectly - I’ve had a look and hopefully those couple of things you mentioned regards mobile display should be OK now?

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Pretty Cool!

I love the way the cards flip/rotate and the info is displayed.

Good work. I am going to take a look at the code to learn how you did this. Thanks.


Omg… very nice! My friend did something like that, but you got better)