A few questions about "user stories" and old projects

I don’t know to which part of this forum I should submit my questions, but it seems that posting it here won’t bring any confusion. If the opposite is true, please feel free to move it.

Just for fun, I decided to finish some FCC courses. Just recently I revisited HTML-CSS part and checked out the project section. I instantly noticed that the number of user stories at least doubled from the last time I looked at that section (2y ago?).

I submitted my “Tribute page” 2 years ago when user stories were more general. Should I remodel my “Tribute page” to introduce the whole “id” stuff? Or having an exact functionality as the example project is good enough?
The similar issue is with my portfolio: I made it as a side project, but now I would like to submit it to FCC. Should I change the attributes?

Last question, can I submit a project via GitHub link instead of using the Code Pen? I feel more comfortable using my local environment and pushing results to GH.

It’s a good exercise to write (or rewrite) your code in a way that allows for tests to work. If you plan on working in industry, it’s an annoyance that you’ll have to deal with.

If you submitted it 2 years ago and got the corresponding certificate, then you are “grandfathered” in. If you want to submit it now, you’ll need to meet the current requirements.

Yes and no. You aren’t required to use CodePen but your project must be live and have viewable code. GitHub alone will share your code, but not create a live version. You can use GitHub pages, or another service.

Thanks for your feedback :wink: