A First Warning Sign

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For many years (more than 10!) I had the question whether a traditional career path (working in a company) was the right one for me.

During this period, I carefully observed leaders from around the globe that were probably 20-30 years ahead of me. All of them counted with successful global corporate careers, focusing on solving important business challenges.

Were those cases motivating me enough? Did I find them energizing while I listen to their speeches? Were they representing my dreams?

Here are my top three thoughts.

Inspiration –yes indeed!
I found (very) inspirational elements on all the leaders interacted with and I learnt a lot from them. It was also the case that the population of leaders that I found inspirational was decreasing over time and it was getting harder and harder to find them.

End Game - not there…
I never found an aspirational long term path within the corporate structure.

Time - most valuable asset!
80% to 90% of my weekly available time invested in an activity that I did not find fulfilling, it was way too much.

These conclusions were a first warning sign for me and also the start of a great journey.

Are you in the right working environment?

Key takeaway: Look around and Ask…