A function using parameters but not include in describe?

Hello all, I just wonder is it possible to write a function in JavaScript without have any parameter in describe paranthesis but actually using them inside. For example in below, the function would give me 10 but if I want to change my paramenter number to 5 and want to calculate sumThem(1,2,3,4,5); this function should give me 15 as result. Thank you😊

function sumThem() { //No parameters will be there
  //let result = some magic here... result become sum of all parameters.
  return result;


Yes. You can declare a variable inside a function, and you often will.

Do you know a way sir :hugs:

If you are supposed to sum all of the arguments passed to your function, then you should read about the arguments object which will give you access to an array-like structure containing all the arguments passed to the function.

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I think I misunderstood your original question. I didn’t realize that you were asking about using arguments inside a function without putting them in the function signature. I thought you were just asking about variables in general.

For what you were really asking, check out the arguments object:

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