A Game Of Quotes

Hello guys,
I have finally finished the random quote machine. It is my first react app and i had both a wonderful and frustrating experience.
I would appreciate it very much if you could review it and point out any faults and give suggestions.

There is also this one problem that I couldn’t solve. On mobile when you scroll down the background at the bottom turn white for while before it goes back to normal.

Random Quote Machine.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not on mobile, so I can’t really speak to that aspect of it, but I find it both responsive and engaging. Like that it’s on firebase too, made me smile!

I’ll double-check when i get to my debug system, but from an Amazon FireTV, it looks great. Very clean interface, love that you added a ‘copy’ link, not at all laggy… very very well done!

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I think it looks nice, works well. I looked at it earlier on my Mac with Safari and there was something to the lower left side of the screen that looked like a “ , it moved in response to the size of the quote box. That’s really nitpicking.

Looking on my iPad with safari I don’t see it. Good job👍

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I did some research on it. Found out it only happens on safari and chrome for mobile. The chrome and safari url bar resizes and causes a lag at the bottom when scrolled down.
This stackoverflow post explains it.
I haven’t been able to solve it still.

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Thanks a lot.

If its not too much trouble, could you take a screenshot of how it looks on your Mac with Safari?
Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot

Interesting :thinking: . I don’t know why it’s not on Firefox or chrome.