A game page...my second website

Its made with angular and nodejs…
maybe for kids a bit quirks currently trying the visitor counter not count 2 times per visit
one on fav.ico and one on my script =)
I even wanted to start a competition about 1000th visitor get 10$ on Paypal =)
but what if 99 then 101?
far from finished but what

Do you guys think?
I use angular a lot but can I fix this in javascript I tried to make a script but the problem is
every visitor call the back end server visit counter two times every refresh?
one on fav.icon and one obviously on page??
Is anybody good with this?

Can you share a link?

yes sure but it’s far from a finished project mate that’s why I am asking about help to fix counter for visitors, and I don’t want to show off either its really bad imho

Maybe you could use something like serve-favicon middleware to serve favicon.

yes maybe it will work need to test but read it briefly seems maybe it can work to tired to start work on it now but for sure some sort of middleware seems the correct way to go thanks
and instead of counting times the html page is loaded counting favicon requests?
i guess its cool