A Good Job with Computers

Hi. So I’m getting close to the age of getting a job, and I’ve always loved computers. Everything about them I love. I love building them, I love the circuitry behind them, I love programming, debugging, configuring(such as a Minecraft Java Edition server), etc. So what would be a good job that’s related to one of those fields? I like the companies Discord, MCProHosting, Minecraft(I still need to learn Java), and Valve. Any good ideas?

So there is usually a distinction between “working with computers” and “working with software itself”.

The first is more of an IT role, IE dealing with software, setup, computers, and just overall tech support problems. Technology is everywhere, so IT is also everywhere. Your usual focus here is the practical usage of technology.

The second is more of a programmer role. Where you build the software people use. Your usual focus here is more on the software itself and less about what you can physically touch and get your hands on.

There are some cases where there is a bridge, but generally the distinction is between those that use/interact/support technology and those that build it. One “bridge” would be more of a lower level role, where your a cross between a computer engineer and a software engineer. Where you’d be working on such a low level, (close to the machine) you need to take into considerations the hardware as much as you do the software. This is counterpoint to some other type of engineer/programmer where your more concerned with building the software to do the job at hand and less about the actual machine.

The main thing to keep in mind is basically every company is a tech company at some level. So both sides of this divide are needed at some level, but in different capacities. You usually only build software once, but need to continue to support it, and will require other types of software. So there are usually more IT jobs than programmer jobs in general, but those programmer jobs usually pay better than IT.

I suggest you look into both and start to lean to what you like more. Don’t commit, but do keep this distinction in mind as generally you won’t be able to do “all computer things” and will eventually need to focus on one area at some point.

Until then keep learning, keep building, and stay curious :smiley:

Ok. Thanks for the advice. So far, IT sounds like a good way to go, but I’ll continue learning both. (I do love building PCs, though. I built my first one a month or two back, and I’m about to build one for my grandmother, and my mom is talking about a new PC. I love computers.)

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Where do you buy computer parts?

Ok. Thank you for the suggestion. So far, IT appears to be an excellent option, but I’ll continue to learn both. (However, I enjoy making computers.) I made my first one about a month ago, and i’m go or Prepare and I’m ready to make one for my grandma, and my mum is talking about getting a new computer. I enjoy working with computers.) land for sale in colorado