A good Quick Read - Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017

This made for a good but quick read by developer Eric Elliott. Top JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2017


If you’re a React person, I would also throw MobX on this list. I really hate the Flux architecture, and MobX is a simple, observable-based replacement for it.

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I’m on mobile right so I will check this out later, but what’s the fundamental difference between MobX and Redux?

Redux et al are implementing the Flux architecture. They set up a dispatcher which listens for actions and runs any functions associated with those actions. MobX accomplishes these same ideas using reactive programming, which makes it easier to read (IMO) and much easier to set up. There’s less to read, less to debug, and less to think about.

The video will explain it much better, and the other link is a 10-minute tutorial by the creators of MobX. Full disclaimer: I haven’t actually used it yet, but I’m getting ready to now, and I’m excited to not have to deal with Redux.

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