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Hey, how are you all?

This week a really good private university in Brazil launched some FREE online courses in order to help the society here in Brazil. I’m currently unemployed but learning all that I can through FCC and the Odin Project. I’m on the projects to finish the third FCC course - frontend - and also just started the odin project. I’d like to how how can I use these course all together to become a employable guy. Here are the courses they’re using. Which could be a good timeline to follow in order to get the most out of it?

1 Blockchain advanced
2 Business Intelligence
3 Customer Experience Management
4 DesignThinking
5 DeVops and Agile Culture
6 AI and Computational
7 Python
8 User experience

I’ve been thinking on doing 5 first and then 6.

Olá Caio!
Tudo bem?

Você poderia me mandar o link, por favor?
Gostaria de dar uma olhada no material.

E sobre a sua pergunta, eu não sei responder. Estou muito no começo (ainda não terminei nenhum curso) e não entendo muito ainda.

Aqui esta, Marcos!

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The spectrum of the courses listed is extremely wide for any role in the tech industry, and each topic itself is deep enough to spend years mastering them. So what you will be learning are most likely introductory courses that are scratching the surface and quite a long way from being employable in any specific field. Add to the wide range of topics, these courses might sound fancy and cutting edge(besides python), but they are nonfundamental knowledge of computer science. It would be great if you are taking them as elective courses as an undergrad, but they don’t give you the flexibility on translating the domain knowledge into different CS areas.

If you want to invest quality time to build strong fundamentals that apply to most CS-related roles, start from the basics like an intro to a programming language(i.e. Python, JavaScript), data structure & algorithm, object-oriented programming, computer architecture, discrete structure, and more(look at university’s core CS curriculum). They are the building blocks for computer science and lifelong knowledge in your tech career.

Most importantly, really think through what specific field of tech that you would look forward to the most. Have your targets set on achieving the goals, then invest your time and energy cost-effectively.

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I second this.

Nowadays it’s cool to “do something with blockchain or AI”, but when you ask these people they don’t know how a blockchain works, why you would need one or how AI works etc.

You already did some web stuff, so “user experience” and “agile culture” would be topics that are fundamentals for a web dev/business career.

Valeu Caio!! Abraço!!

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