A guide to the SQL Select into Statement

The SELECT INTO statement is a query that allows you to create a new table and populate it with the result set of a SELECT statement . To add data to an existing table, see the INSERT INTO statement instead.

SELECT INTO can be used when you are combining data from several tables or views into a new table.1 The original table is not affected.

The general syntax is:

SELECT column-names
  INTO new-table-name
  FROM table-name
      (SELECT column-name
         FROM table-name
        WHERE condition)

This example shows a set of a table that was “copied” from the “Supplier” table to a new one called SupplierUSA which holds the set related to the column country of value ‘USA’.

  FROM Supplier
 WHERE Country = 'USA';

Results : 4 rows affected 2

ID CompanyName ContactName City Country Phone
2 New Orleans Cajun Delights Shelley Burke New Orleans USA (100) 555-4822
3 Grandma Kelly’s Homestead Regina Murphy Ann Arbor USA (313) 555-5735
16 Bigfoot Breweries Cheryl Saylor Bend USA NULL
19 New England Seafood Cannery Robb Merchant Boston USA (617) 555-3267

Please see the manual for your database manager and have fun trying different options yourself.

Further reading:

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