A Javascript Calculator

You need an AC (all clear) button that allows the user to delete the entire entry and start over instead of having to click the CE button multiple times.

Also, if I enter 1 / 7 = and then enter * 7, I expect to see 7 1 and not 1.0003

Actually ‘AC’ clear all the calculation if pressed one time, and if pressed for the second time the display history is cleared. Google web calculator works in a similar way.

I’ll fix that approximation bug.

At any given time, I should be able to click an AC button. Yours is only showing after I click = but before I click anything else. You really should have two separate buttons showing like every calculator I have ever seen.

Google calculator doesn’t have a dedicated ‘AC’ button.
Maybe I can change the button to show ‘AC’ at first instance.
Thanks for the suggestion.

All bugs should be fixed now.