A little confusing part in the description of JavaScript OOP Challenge

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I just want to know if I’m reading correctly or is there a little mix up in the description of the challenge. :sweat_smile:

Challenge: Reset an Inherited Constructor Property

Link to the challenge:

It is correct. It’s saying that Bird is an instance of Animal, and Duck is an instance of Bird. Just like Dog would be an instance of Animal and Beagle would be an instance of Dog. I like to think of inheritance with OOP like a family tree. Hopefully that helps!

Oh but… I don’t understand because in the description it says that all instances of Bird were constructed by Bird (but in the logic they can’t be constructed by Bird because it used Bird.prototype = Object.create(Animal.prototype);.

So, are the words swapped by accident in the explanation? If not, then I’m sorry for wasting time. :confounded:

the next sentence says

To do so, you can manually set the constructor property of Bird to the Bird object:

you need to set it yourself so that it appears in that way

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