A Logo Interpreter

In my school days, I was taught a simple graphics programming language LOGO

I always wanted to make something as cool as it, so I wrote a simple in-browser interpreter for it.


As of now, it is very simple with only the basic functionalities.

But before I improve it wanted to get the feedback of fellow campers.

Try these commands -

fd 40
rt 90
repeat 360 [fd 1 rt 1]

Hope you like it.

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That’s awesome. I’ve heard of it, but never used it so I don’t know what to type on the command line.

Feedback: Maybe include a short summary of instructions/commands?

Thanks for the feedback.
Will add a short summary.

Commands like -

fd 40
rt 90
repeat 360 [fd 1 rt 1]

should be accepted.

Nice! I spent 15mins playing with the turtle. But after some turns and fd it goes off screen, I seem to have lost her :slight_smile:

Yes. That is a known limitation of the program. Its because canvas doesn’t wrap around screen.
But thanks for reporting it, I will fix it in iteration #2. :slight_smile:

Please post it again, when you modify it. Love seeing new things! Would make a great game (for small kids and people like myself), one of those labyrinth types, where you have several paths, but only one leads to the exit :sunny:

Will do. Thanks. You’re right I was thinking along the same lines. A game could be made out of it.

Let me see how easy/difficult it will be to implement the game.

Here is Logo V2

In this version I have tried to fix issues raised in earlier feedbacks.

Stay tuned for V3 where I plan to implement procedures , and screen wrapping.

I’ve merged your two topics together, @yasserhussain1110. Please keep all of your updates in one thread as it 1) keeps the forums cleaner and 2) notifies interested parties when you have updates to your project :thumbsup:

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