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guys help me please
How can I program in multilingualism and what programming language should I know to be able to do it? :sneezing_face:

Hi @trapron035,

I’m not quite understanding your question. Do you mean like creating a website/program so that it’s content can be shown in different languages? If so, this can be done in pretty much any language. you’ll probably want to look at internationalization libraries for the programming language you’re going to use.

As an example, one such library for JavaScript is Polyglot.js.

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If that’s what I meant, but with that library I can do it in different languages ?

sorry i’m new to the programming world, so i need a little help, I only need that library that is, I do not need to know anything else, I do not need extensions or plugins???

Well, that particular library is JavaScript based. You’d need to now a bit about npm so that you can get the package down and use it. Then you’d probably need to know about node and a NodeJS framework/library to build the backend of your site with. If you’re just a beginner, it may be a bit much and there may be other more lightweight libraries you could use instead, like this one: https://github.com/thealphadollar/vanilla-i18n

It all really depends, as with most things, on what you need/want to do. Being a beginner I would suggest starting with the basics and a solid foundation first, which you can get by going through the freeCodeCamp curriculum.

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