A New Blog: All Feedback Welcome

Hello! I’m interested to hear any feedback about my new blog! The address is http://www.davewheeler.com/isaac/. I talk about everything under the sun, but mostly electronics and programming (and a little graphic design).

I find the background blurred-out image to be fairly distracting and to not go well with the site. It especially clashes with the top banner image of the circuit board because they’re basically the same color. Would recommend taking it out and replacing it with a solid color.

Also, no offense but the UI/UX is pretty bad on two counts: the contrast needs to be increased (the text is too light against a white background and not very easy to see) and the two-column layout with the posts in inconsistently varying-sized boxes makes it very confusing to determine which posts are older than others. I gave up trying to read your blog after 5 seconds because it was too frustrating to figure out which blog posts were older than others. You shouldn’t have to force someone to think in order to read a blog.

Also, the text wrap inside your blog post boxes needs to be fixed as it doesn’t wrap nicely around the date/tags line, and most of the text is too small to read as well. You should use a standard 1em/16px/100% font size on most of the text on the site, there’s no good reason to make things any smaller than that. Making text too small to read is something you should try to avoid.

Also just my opinion but your colors don’t really go well with each other and need to be more aesthetically pleasing.